What Are the Types of Thesis Papers: Guide & Writing Tips

Are you a student aiming at studying up to higher levels? Well, the chances are that you have written a thesis paper, or if not, you should be ready to write such papers. However, it is essential you determine what distinguishes research paper vs thesis. They both entail the same writing and research process, but the slight difference is that a thesis is always the final academic project when finalizing a university degree, and it is always long. On the other hand, a research paper is an academic project a student does on a given subject. For a better understanding, you can evaluate the thesis paper template and the one for the research paper to evaluate the differences.

What are the different types of thesis?

Before we can explore the types of thesis papers, maybe you are wondering what is research thesis writing? Well, like any academic project, a research thesis is a long essay about an interesting topic whereby a student has to conduct extensive research to come up with answers to the question or topic. As you study, you will have to take different thesis papers depending on your education levels. Be sure to handle the following types of thesis papers as you study.

1. Bachelor thesis

When writing a bachelor thesis, you handle theoretical work as you review previous research and literature. You have the freedom to pick the topic you want. The aim of this thesis paper is to give a student a chance to handle a complex academic assignment without relying on a tutor. In the end, a bachelor thesis helps to evaluate if a student can create a topic, come up with the literature, and conduct research.

Note: a student ready to write a bachelor thesis must have adequate research and critical thinking skills to enable the student to do the research adequately.

2. College thesis

Also known as a dissertation, a college thesis is the final essay paper a student writes within the final study year before graduating. The students select the topic related to what they studied during the period and do the research based on the topic they select.

Note: Once the student selects the topic for their college thesis, they then work and submit the work with the help of an advisor. However, the college professors will determine if the paper meets all the requirements and gives an okay if the student should graduate from the school.

3. Masters thesis

Once you are ready to begin your masters program, you must know at the end; that you will have to write a thesis. A masters thesis is a paper you write based on the knowledge you have acquired throughout the study program. The purpose of a masters thesis is to prove your understanding of the field you specialize in.

4. Senior thesis

Scholars, in their senior year of college or high school, write a senior thesis as part of their academic fulfillments before graduating. This is an independent project that summarizes the academic work students have undertaken in a given institute, and it shows the ability of students to conduct research.

5. Undergraduate thesis

Also known as a bachelor’s dissertation, an undergraduate thesis is an academic task that requires students to do extensive research on a given topic in their final year of a degree program. A student can choose any topic that interests them or is based on their specialized fields.

Top tips for writing a thesis

Now that you understand the different types of thesis papers, you can be sure to write any of the above theses as you progress through your study years. However, you will need the following general tips to help you write the best thesis paper.

1. Understand the format of thesis paper

All academic papers must have a predefined format each student should follow. Ensure you review the tutor’s recommendations in case of any slight changes on the thesis paper.

2. Know how long is a thesis paper should be

Academic papers have strict rules and guidelines. As you write the thesis, always understand the maximum and the minimum pages required since they vary depending on the education level of a student.

3. Review the structure of a thesis paper

You don’t want to miss any element when writing a thesis. Since the paper has different sections, it is essential you review the structure of the already written thesis for a better understanding.

4. Always have a thesis paper template

The thesis template is a significant document as it will help you throughout the writing process. Once you have it, you will never miss any significant section of the paper.


Different types of thesis papers require different approaches when writing. Ensure you have a better understanding of the thesis you are writing about.

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